Safety & Security

Student’s safety is taken seriously at UPM. UPM’s security personnel patrol the campus frequently and are always at hand to offer assistance as and when necessary.

Emergency Response

If there is an emergency, immediate action should be taken by calling the 24-hour UPM emergency line

03-9769 7990
03-9769 7470
03-9769 1999

Similarly, you can also call UPM free toll line between 8am and 5pm, Mondays to Fridays:

03-9769 1000

Besides that, you can also call the hospital, police or fire brigade emergency lines in the area nearby UPM if there is an emergency which needs prompt action to be taken.

  • Serdang Police Station : 03-8948 2222
  • Seri Kembangan Police Station: 03-8948 6122
  • Serdang Fire Brigade : 03-8941 6281
  • University Health Centre (Emergency): 03-8946 7332, 03-8946 7334

Risk and Safety Management

When faced with a risky situation or an emergency, please do not panic or you could make the situation worse. Assess the situation and take the necessary action according to any of the emergency situations listed below:

  • Accident
  • Fire
  • Demonstrations
  • Trapped in the lift

To minimize slip and trip hazards which might cause accidents and injuries, UPM staff and students should be aware of safety and risk management.

Closed-Circuit Television (CCTV)

The CCTV system is a UPM initiative to establish a safe and secure community in which to live and study. The deployment of 486 CCTV cameras at various strategic points within the campus ensures safety and security on a daily basis for staff, students and property. The CCTV system is monitored from the Monitoring Control Centre.

For more information, check out Occupational Safety & Health Manual and Disaster Management Plan Manual on the website of the Office of Occupational Safety & Health.

Area Rode Condition

Safety of the community in UPM is of utmost importance to the university. Steps have been taken to ensure that various safety measures are in place to ensure the safety and well-being of the university community. The campus area is regularly patrolled by security personnel to provide security round the clock and ensure zero-level crime.

Such safety measures include the provision of an adequate number and spacious parking lots for staff members, students as well as students throughout the campus.

The designated parking areas listed below are especially for staff, students and also visitors. They are:

  • Central Car Parks
  • Putra Lecture Hall Cark Park
  • Dewan Kuliah Pusat (DKP) Car Park
  • Mohamad Rashid College Car Park

Personal Safety

Many misfortunes/calamities can be avoided by paying some attention to personal safety. The following are tips for safety and guidelines that should be followed in emergency situations.

  • Always keep within the speed limit.
  • Abide by traffic laws.
  • Do not leave valuables in the car when parking such as:
    • Laptops / Laptop bags
    • Mobile phones

    • Purse

    • Electronic devices such as GPS

    • And other valuables

  • Make sure you lock your vehicle when leaving it.
  • Do not leave your vehicle with the engine on when:
    • chatting to people outside the vehicle

    • going to the bank

    • going to the post office

    • etc

  • Do not offer rides to strangers.

  • Always ensure vehicle windows are closed while driving or parking the vehicle.

  • Attract attention of surrounding people when a snatch theft occurs by screaming for help and continuously pressing the horn if you are inside a vehicle.

  • Install a secondary lock.

  • Do not leave keys inside vehicle.

  • Check the car locks before leaving the vehicle.

  • Park your vehicle in car parks.

  • Contact UPM emergency line in case of any emergency / crime / accident / fire at 03-9769 1999.

At the Workplace
  • Lock your office door if you wish to leave your office.

  • Do not allow outsiders / strangers to enter the office without permission / business.

  • Always be alert to the presence of strangers inside your office.

  • Be aware of the surrounding state of your office.

  • Turn off all unused electronic and electrical appliances when leaving the office such as:

    • Computers

    • Printers

    • Photostat Machines

    • Air Conditioners

    • Lights

    • and etc

  •  Keep files, records and documents in a safe place (safe, locked drawers, file storage room).

  • Contact UPM emergency line in case of any emergency / crime / accident / fire at 03-9769 1999.

In Campus Area
  •  Always protect yourself.

  • Do not break any of the university’s rules.

  • Do not walk alone at night.

  • Always walk in groups or at least in pairs.

  • Do not ride with strangers.

  • If studying outdoors, make sure there are people around you.

  • If you find there is no one at the place that you want to go to, avoid going there.

  • Always check for your valuables when:

    • Leaving the toilet

    • After making phone calls at public phone booths

    • Having a discussion with friends

    • Leaving your room in college