Associations & Clubs

Universiti Putra Malaysia aims ultimately to produce students well-balanced in both academic excellence and co-curricular activities. Both complement each other in the process of developing responsive, proactive, and competitive graduates of excellence.

To achieve this, UPM offers a range of associations and clubs operating across the university, faculties and residential colleges. These associations and clubs provide a supportive network and help students settle into university life and meet like-minded friends. Being involved with an association or club will also give students the opportunity to develop new skills and practice those skills in organising and managing events. Involvement in such co-curricular activities is also a useful addition to students’ CVs later on.

The vast selection of associations and clubs is categorised into different categories. Students may choose an association or club from the following list:

  • martial arts or self-defence category
  • sports and recreational category
  • leadership category
  • entrepreneurship category
  • spiritual category
  • cultural category
  • welfare category
  • faculty category
  • 1Malaysia category

Students who are interested in joining any associations or clubs may register during the Associations Bazaar in conjunction with Perkasa Putra Week or during the registration of new club members every semester.