Arts & Culture

Arts and cultural activities play an important role in developing character and identity of students. Cultural diversity that comes from every part of the country has added to the cultural and artistic landscape in UPM. The students from various countries can understand in depth about the culture of other countries. Furthermore, it can foster the understanding and a high tolerance to the students.

Pusat Kebudayaan dan Kesenian Sultan Salahuddin Abdul Aziz Shah (PKKSSAAS) is a superior centre for arts and cultural which is an entity responsible for the planning of arts and cultural activities in UPM, the centre has seven active arts and cultural clubs while more clubs related to the arts and culture are in the process of seeking membership.

These arts and culture clubs provide opportunities for their student members to engage in arts and cultural activities and to show off their talents. These clubs often focus on creating greater awareness of local arts and culture and play an important role in producing students who are both competent and competitive in the presentation and spread of the Malaysian cultural heritage.

Below is a list of arts and culture clubs that come under the management of PKKSSAAS :

  • Caklempong Uniputra
  • Uniputra 5 Harmony
  • Putra Band
  • Pelayang Uniputra
  • Tropikana Uniputra Band
  • Traditional Poetry
  • Kreatif Putra Band
  • Uniputra Kencana Dance
  • Gamelan Seni Alun Uniputra
  • Hadrah Uniputra
  • Uniputra Theater
  • Ghazal Uniputra
  • Dikir Barat Uniputra
  • Kompang Uniputra
  • Uniputra Choir
  • Marhaban Uniputra
  • Tetuang Uniputra
  • Uniputra Arts of Batik
  • Uniputra Audio Visual Arts
  • Nasyid Putra

International Arts and Culture

Cultural diversity that comes from a different country has strengthened the arts and culture at UPM. International students also did not miss out on showing their arts and cultural showcases that represent their own country, such as wearing traditional dress during the official ceremony in UPM, participating in Culture Night that was organised by the International Centre, and so on, and also celebrating the festival of their own country.